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Patio Homes in Active Adult Communities

Here’s Why Patio Homes Are Perfect for Active Seniors

Not to be confused with homes that have outdoor patio areas, patio homes are usually single-story properties that are attached or built very close to each other in suburban neighborhoods. Patio homes are growing in popularity, particularly among active adult communities and those nearing retirement. Are affordability, community interaction, and minimal upkeep home features you crave? If so, keep scrolling to take a look at the Triangle's hottest patio home listings! 

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The Perks of Buying a Patio Home

Limited lot maintenance 

Sometimes referred to as "zero-lot-line" homes, patio homes are constructed so close to the property line that you won't have much, if any, yard maintenance. Ideal for exterior aesthetics, these smaller lot sizes result in neighborhoods that look both polished and symmetrical. 

On-brand exteriors 

Combining both modern and traditional elements, patio homes often exude a trendy, transitional style with their exteriors. Contrary from most condos and townhouses, patio homes offer far more diverse designs. Depending on the property's location, it could have features ranging from coastal to contemporary.   

Access to amenities 

When patio homes are operated by homeowners associations, they typically offer access to shared amenities. Patio home communities could provide access to everything from parks and walking paths to clubhouses and pools. Plus, the HOA often covers services such as landscaping and trash for a set fee. 

True homeownership 

Although patio homes are commonly confused with condos, there are actually many differences between the two. One of the primary contrasts is the ownership privileges—when you buy a patio home, you own all parts of the property, including the home and the land underneath it. On the other hand, condo owners only own their unit's interior and none of the exterior, roof, or surrounding land. 

Ready to Purchase a Patio Home?

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